Google frequently updates their updates which can really frustrates SEO. However, maybe there is really no reason to be concerned. It used to be much easier to diagnose any issues after an update because now a unique name will be given for each update. But nowadays Google has become vague about what has been updated, unless it’s a big one. However, by knowing what Google considers to be a good site, it’s less painful to manage everything everyday.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Activity” means that SEOs who follow changes to search rankings saw some fluctuations in a short period of time.
  • Fred is meant to cover every “update” SEOs notice that Google does not confirm and/or name.
  • Study what is in their documentation, come as close to the Google site ideal as possible, and you can be pretty sure you are in good standing with Google.

“While Google is not telling you much about what they are doing these days with regard to algorithm updates, you still can wake up and find yourself at the bottom of an analytics cliff.”