It can be difficult to stop hackers and from breaking into your security defense. The British Queen secret service have supplied some tips to prevent this from happening. Provide employees the system access they need to do their job. Prevent sensitive information from reaching them. Securing the doors by removing out of date networks would be helpful and controlling removable media such as USB memory sticks to prevent private from reaching other homes. Revoke information as soon as employees leave and supply high risk to private information. Train, observe, and reports consistently for the employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • The National Cyber Security Center in London has published some tips and guidelines to protect data. There are seven published tips described here.
  • Limit the use of external devices such as USB drives and other storage devices because these devices are a weak point and very susceptible to hacking.
  • Remove old networks, websites, systems, and network devices so that hackers can’t find a way in through a forgotten entry point.

“If your staff doesn’t know the risks and legal requirements around data security, you’re inviting vulnerabilities.”


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