How a website is designed plays a major role in its success, including how it ranks in searches. If a website doesn’t meet all of the SEO requirements, the company will be fighting right from the start for a good online presence. The website represents a company’s online presence, and people don’t want to see a website that looks like it lacked effort. Because the view is that if you don’t put effort into your website, you wouldn’t put effort into customer service.

Key Takeaways:

  • A poorly designed website can negatively affect your online presence and search engine algorithms.
  • Work with a reputable web-design agency to make sure that your site is ‘SEO-friendly’.
  • Your customers will judge your company partially on the design of your website.

“Web design features and practices can affect how your content is published in a plethora of ways, and can consequently play a big part in how search-engine algorithms view and index your website.”

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