Social media marketing is undeniably important for brands. Having a social site can boost brand awareness, enhance SEO efforts, and engage with customers, all in a very cost-effective manner. Media channels are often defined as paid, owned or earned. Social media is all three. Globally, there are 3.5 billion people on social media. Surveys show that customers like to share their positive brand experiences on Facebook, Instagram, and similar platforms. For your business to operate on social media, you need to measure data for shares, likes and other metrics, and also to familiarize yourself with click-through rates. There are tools that can help (e.g., Google Analytics). To boost social media engagement, try polls, surveys, videos and giveaways, and don’t be afraid to use humor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media helps spread awareness of your brand, starting with the customers you already have and only expanding with every like and share.
  • Social media can boost your rankings with SEO tools but only if you are making proper use of hashtags and backlinks.
  • Positive interactions with consumers on social media have been statistically shown to drive up brand loyalty and lead to positive word of mouth.

“If you’re actively sharing and commenting on these types of posts, customers will also want to be more engaged.”

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