Video marketing has become a very important part of marketing. But even companies who utilize it, don’t always use it as well as they should. Customers like video marketing, which means that it’s going to be around. They like it because it requires less effort than reading does. Another important reason to use it, is because there’s a good chance that any given company’s competitors are using it, and it’s important to lead trends, rather than just follow trends.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because video marketing has become so prevalent, it is important for businesses to learn how o use it.
  • Even companies that are utilizing video marketing, aren’t using it to the extent that they should be.
  • It is important for a business to set the trends for other businesses, rather than following things that other businesses do.

“Video is now so popular with users that a Facebook Executive has even predicted that the platform might switch to offering video content exclusively in the future.”

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