Online reviews are important because people trust what another person has to say about a business, if they have experience with that business. Statistics have shown that most people generally read 10 reviews before committing to do business with a company. They also show that approximately 88% of people will trust what they read in an online review as much as they trust reviews that they personally hear from people they know. The one issue with reviews is that 73% of people don’t feel like reviews that are more than 3 months old carry weight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Based on statistics, it is believed that a person will look at ten reviews of a business before committing to doing business with them.
  • An online review is important, because it’s a way for a business to show people what their reputation is like.
  • When people see online reviews, 88% of them feel that they can trust those to the same degree that they just recommendations from people they know.

“That’s because individuals find customer reviews are more trustworthy than what a local business might say about themselves. You take conflicts of interest out of the equation.”

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