Did you know that approximately 38% of online shoppers will exit out of a website if their initial judgement of the aesthetic is unbecoming? Presenting your company in an aesthetically-pleasing light online is now just as important as doing so in person. Also ensuring that your website is full of content that is relevant, authentic, and transparent will result in higher conversion rates. When visitors feel as though they are met with deceptive tactics, the possibility of building any form of trust in a client-professional relationship is lost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your website is your online home. Data suggests it takes only milliseconds for visitors to decide whether your house is worth perusing.
  • It’s good to have clean, organized, bold visuals that engage without cluttering or distracting.
  • A site that isn’t easily navigable or appears old discourages new visitors. Headings, instructions and CTA should be clear and transparent.

“First impressions are important, potential customers are visiting your site and are looking to get to know your business,”

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