SEO optimization allows companies to have their digital content easily accessible for search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If a company can be queried by customers and have an outstanding experience, then potential clicks and purchases are soon to follow. For On page SEO, keywords are necessary so that when a search happens your website will be accessed. For Off page SEO, words and links are needed that can drive traffic to the website. A robust and well thought out SEO strategy is a key concept in driving business through the internet.

Key Takeaways:

  • SEO is the way that businesses make their offerings more visible and more likely to induce traffic flow from search engines.
  • It’s been estimated that about a third of searchers are likely to follow the first listed result on a search engine query return page.
  • Browsers typically don’t go to the bottom of the page regularly. Of those that scan that far, data suggests that less than 3 percent actually click onto a position 9 or 10 listing.

“This means paying attention to the title tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, URL, and keyword placement.”

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