With the number of videos watched worldwide each day on the rise, it’s no wonder why marketing through video is a necessary part of a successful digital marketing strategy. One of the main reasons why digital marketers should create videos is because the majority of consumers claim that videos are useful in making their purchase decisions. There are several types of videos for digital marketers to utilize, including Facebook Live Video and Interview-Style Video. Keep in mind that there are video restrictions associated with each platform used to post videos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital marketing is important because the vast majority of marketers reported that it helps them understand consumer products.
  • Types of video marketing includes Facebook Live videos, interview-style videos, or animated videos.
  • Each social media platform comes with some restrictions to digital marketing video content and it is important to be aware of those restrictions.

“If these numbers don’t get your video creation juices flowing, then consider the reasons why you, as a digital marketer, enjoy watching videos yourself.”

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