A chatbot is a very important tool to have for your social media page. It can offer around the clock customer service. It can also provide you with the customer data you need to make a plan for the future. A chatbot also provides engagement to your customer when you are unable to speak with them. Some people though would prefer to talk to a human about certain things, so a chatbot is the perfect thing to have.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chatbots are important as they will provide your business with around the clock customer service.
  • Chatbots will help you automate things for your business. During and after work hours.
  • Chatbots will give you data that you can use to help with your business.

“Human support plays a key role here: Regardless of the kind of approach and the platform, human intervention is crucial in configuring, training and optimizing the chatbot system.”

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