Video marketing can be scary, even for experienced business owners and marketers with lots of pro stripes on their sleeves. It ups the ante on what even seasoned experts are used to and suggests to them the possible outlay of lots of time and fiscal resources. The truth is, that though it seems very expensive to create, a video marketing campaign does not have to be uber-expensive to create. Consider the following. 81% of brands are on board with this trend. It has great turnaround. A great video campaign helps customers decide to buy. Video marketing gets more buyers to the table as well, because pages with these ads are more highly ranked on search engines. Video content connects with an audience as no other type of campaign can.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video marketing has become more popular, with four out of five brands using it.
  • Video content is easy to understand and allows customers to see how a product works in real life.
  • Live videos create a direct connection with the audience and help to gain their trust.

“Search engines consider videos high-quality material, so pages with video content tend to rank higher.”

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