Customer engagement involves interactions and relationships that are ongoing between a company and customer. In order for such engagement to be successful, businesses must show their customers that a relationship is not only based on how many transactions that occur, but also give them reasons to engage with the brands to ensure they are returning customers. Small businesses that cannot afford costly implementation can utilize simpler engagement approaches, such as online surveys, personalized emails, and social media.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer engagement only succeeds while the company offering the engagement provides value for the customer,
  • This value needs to go beyond offering a valuable service or product. It needs to offer a chance to learn from and be connected to the brand itself.
  • These opportunities allow customers to feel that they are more than the sum of the transactions that they have been a part of to the brand.

“Customer engagement is the ongoing interactions between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.”

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