Video marketing has changed content marketing strategies when it comes to the sports business. Content marketing is important but more research is being done that shows most marketers actually believe that video marketing is more important when it comes to reaching a brand new audience. Video marketing is entertaining and helps keep a users interest for a much longer time compared to other forms of content. Publishing videos is important, especially if you’re in the sports world as sports travel through video.

Key Takeaways:

  • The market for digital content delivered via a video media pipeline has grown significantly and will continue to grow. This is the same for the entertainment sports marketplace.
  • With video in high demand, controlling the creation and flow of content is key. In sports marketing being a publisher of content is essential in managing this content.
  • Entertainment sports will only continue to grow and those brands that want to succeed in this marketplace must get on board with video content.

“Companies desperately need communication professionals who can share their brand stories to connecting with their audience.”

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