People love watching online videos, making them a highly effective tool for brands and marketers. Videos are a great way to attract customers when used to show off a brand’s unique selling points. Video explainers are an effective way for brands to educate and inform customers, as well as to tell a company’s story. Another benefit of video relates to social proof. Video testimonial from customers can add credibility to a product or service. The best videos are usually short and easy to digest. “How to” videos, vertical videos, and live streams are all popular.

Key Takeaways:

  • In today’s saturated market, brands need to do a lot more than sell, they need to lead the buyer with helpful and specialized information.
  • The delivered information needs to arrive in layman’s language, while obviously coming from a place of authority.
  • When the authoritative info arrives wrapped in a video that has a lot of shares and likes and comments this provides the coveted quality of social proof that generates more value for the brand.

“Businesses have recognized the benefits of embracing the branding power of video and, in particular, online video.”

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