Marketers working on a strategy for digital world know that content is playing an increasing role. Customer base has come to expect engaging content that needs to be released on a regular basis. Businesses centered around sports have taken a notice of this trend, and perhaps better than any other industry segment, they understand how critical the video is. We have come to the point where sports news and content is almost irrelevant if it is not in a video form.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s common, particularly among millennials, for brand-users to choose to interact with their brand on social media, once they have made contact via a video.
  • More than 80% of marketers have caught on to this trend and realize that video marketing is a valid way to engage a new audience for sports items.
  • A desire for both entertainment and personalization that gears their video choices to their needs, are both reasons that video works to engage a new audience and bring them to the table as leads.

“Considering its popularity and growth, the sports business is one of the most dynamic and growing sectors.”

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