Good web design is very important because it allows for a better user experience. A good design will set a good first impression and you only get one chance to impress your users that way. If they have a good first impression, the chances they will come back to your site are high. Good web design also builds trust in your brand and makes you come across as credible and professional. Finally, good web design can allow you to stand out above your competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Good web design gives the user a good first impression and that is very important when you want people to come back to your site.
  • Good web design also builds trust in your brand because the user will realize that the website looks and feels professional.
  • Good web design is a great competitive advantage you can have over others. You should always be comparing your websites to your competition’s and trying to improve it.

“Having a responsive website – meaning a site that will dynamically change and alter its appearance depending on the size or orientation of the device or screen it’s being viewed on – is simply a non-negotiable part of web design.”

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