Online reviews are extremely important to learn about if you are a B2B business. Just a one star increase in your overall rating score can increase your businesses revenue by 5 to 9 percent. On the flip side, every negative review that is left for your business can cost you roughly 30 customers. However, negative reviews aren’t all bad. You can take the feedback that is given to your business in these negative reviews and make improvements and try to get them back as customers. They will appreciate you taking their feedback into consideration.

Key Takeaways:

  • An increase in your rating score by just one star can end up increasing the amount of revenue your business gains by 5 to 9 percent.
  • A negative review can cost a business roughly 30 customers and clients. Think about how many customers that is over the long-term with each negative review.
  • Negative reviews can be a blessing in disguise because they allow you to see where your business is failing and improve based off that feedback.

“Ratings can effect how many click-throughs your pages get in the search results, too. If you’ve got reviews for your Google local account, they’ll appear as part of your search listing, as stars. When your searcher clicks the stars, the reviews open up.”

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