Building your brand may be one of the best ways to compete with companies that are widely recognized in your line of business. With that in mind, search engine optimization needs to focus on this part of your marketing strategy, as it will lead to a ranking boost among relevant search results. Google was always putting a lot of emphasizes on brands in their search engine algorithms. Brands that are more known can climb in rankings with fewer links than brands that are not known.

Key Takeaways:

  • SEO, or search engine optimization, nourishes website traffic generation. But it does more. It also builds brands. Something site-owners overlook at their peril.
  • Google gives preference to brands over non-branded sites. This is a key reason why site-owners must use SEO to brand-build.
  • Google’s innate preference for brands is obvious to Google watchers. These sites get better rankings, even with fewer links and less time out for penalties.

“Only 60 percent of searches on Google results in a click. That’s 40 percent generating zero clicks. And smarter people than me expect that to hit 50 percent soon.”

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