If your job includes any aspect of product creation, design, assessment, overseeing, management, or retail, then you already know that there are numerous critical moving parts required to keep the stuff you make appealing to the consumer and good for your bottom line. Undoubtedly, your company works hard to produce a quality product in a timely fashion that is niche and trend appropriate. You work hard to understand your customer and leverage your marketing strategies effectively. All that is great. You are putting it out there. But, how about taking some love back and using it shine a new and exciting light on your product and brand? In short, if your product and service are truly stellar and your online customers are responding then use their words to reveal your greatness. Theirs is so much more effective than yours.

Data shows that many more US citizens are buying online. It also proves over and over that today’s media savvy, big company leery, consumer likes to hear it all from the horse’s mouth whenever she can. Testimonials and good reviews from customers are gold for marketers and sellers and companies in general. An array of easily searchable, well-written and positive reviews does more than lure in browser fish. It improves your SEO advantage. It significantly cuts the lag time between browse and buy. It ups your customer loyalty, brand recognition and consumer trust.  Never go the route of posting positive, glowing, but otherwise false reviews. Consumers can scent what sounds real. Don’t worry if some less glowing stuff gets in there. A little tarnish makes the gold brighter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most Americans say that reading customer reviews helps them decide to purchase something online.
  • Customer reviews can help people decide to buy your product, but they need to be authentic.
  • There are easy tools that help you put customer reviews on your website.

“That’s why online customer reviews if incorporated to your website well, are a powerful and influential marketing tool.”

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