Social media gets a bad rap among much of the public, but it has plenty of benefits for businesses. Social media’s transparency and real-time nature provides valuable insight into industry trends. It also makes it easy to keep an eye on the competition and to gain positioning power over them. Customer service on social is quicker, and feedback from customers is more easily found. Customer content can be curated and presented as social proof. Also, brands can be humanized on social in a way traditional platforms don’t permit. Furthermore, social media is a great way to reach a young audience. Another benefit is assisting SEO efforts through the use of backlinks. Lastly, social media is a great place to generate leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • While there are many critics of social media, it is hard to deny that there are several benefits from a business perspective.
  • Businesses can provide excellent customer service via social media by having direct contact with customers, vendors, and partners.
  • Social media allows you to keep an eye on your competition through social competitive analysis and user-generated content campaigns.

“To the general public, social media often gets a bad rap for being a time-sink.”

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