A microsite is different than a website because it’s a digital asset that lives just outside of a companies homepage or Brand URL. They typically don’t last as long as a website and are focused on a specific goal or a specific audience. If you are creating a microsite you will still need a domain name as well as a web hosting company to host your site. Finally, when you use a microsite there are a lot less risks and more experimenting that you can do.

Key Takeaways:

  • A microsite is a digital asset that is outside of a companies homepage or URL and it typically lasts less than a website.
  • A microsite will need a domain name and you also will have to get a hosting package from a web hosting company.
  • The best time to use a microsite is when you are testing out a campaign or are trying to target a very specific audience.

“As any good web designer or developer will know, there’s more than one kind of website out there.”

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