SEO is all about user experience. Site speed, high quality content, and mobile-friendliness are all very important to Google. To build a great user experience, your site must be useable, useful, desirable, findable, credible and accessible. A key target of your SEO efforts should be millennials, and the key to them is focusing on micro-moments. Another key SEO idea is inbound methodology, which means drawing prospects in by giving them what they need. Optimize your content, improve social network performance, and practice link building. Other keys to successful SEO include storytelling, copywriting (e.g., keyword usage and headline writing), and brand reputation (e.g., good reviews). When conducted properly, SEO adds value.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ever-so-hyped UX vs SEO is a hoax. And, as a building brand, providing a great user experience should be your priority as well.
  • Most of these attributes, like being useful, usable, findable, accessible and credible map directly to SEO.
  • You or your product, too, can become the brand that interprets such moments of need and shows up in search results when your prospects look for you.

“Because search engine optimization isn’t a topping that you can just pour on top of your site.”

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