There are a few different ways that you can create an Ecommerce website in 2021. The simplest way that you can do this is by creating a Shopify account as Shopify will allow you to do a 14 day free trial before you put any money in the account. Once your shop is set up, you will need to pick out a theme and a layout that best fits your website. Finally, make sure that you pick out a domain name that is easy to type and is easy to remember.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure that you create a Shopify account as they offer a free 14 day trial for you to try out their service before you put money into it.
  • Get a domain name that is easy to search for and also one that is easy to remember as that will improve your visitation rate.
  • Pick out a specific theme or layout that will fit the products of your store and look easy to use for a customer.

“Read on as I teach you how to get your ecommerce website up and running in no time.”

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