For some business owners, the importance of customer reviews is often an afterthought. It is a mistake not to give the reviews importance they require. Reviews are often seen by prospective customers right at their purchase decision point, and negative reviews may be the one thing that prevents them from continuing with transaction. Trustworthiness of your business is also judged through reviews left by past customers. Finally, reviews also play a role in search engine optimization and place your business in a position of higher visibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whether or not a review is real or fake, most consumers are persuaded by customer reviews. Additionally, consumers use customer reviews as a purchasing guide.
  • Even though people know an influencer may not have actually used a product they are endorsing, they feel more connected to the product. This results in increased comfort in buying.
  • The simple truth is that ratings and reviews will always effect consumers. As a business and as a consumer, decide how you’re going to make ratings work for you.

“For businesses, the fact that reviews are everywhere and everyone is reading them is vitally important to your business.”

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