The chatbot market was worth $700 million in 2016 and is growing fast. One advantage of business chatbots is they reduce wait times for impatient customers. Another benefit is personalization. Today’s chatbots are more like people than robots. Chatbots improve the user experience and can help to target wider audiences. Furthermore, payment systems can be easily integrated into chatbots, improving the checkout process and reducing abandoned carts. Chatbots can also help with surveys and enhance the relevance of push notifications. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype are available to support chatbots and customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • A chatbot allows for a personalized experience that makes you feel like you’re conversing with a human.
  • A chatbot helps target a wider audience because chatbots are given resources from messaging platforms like Skype and Slack.
  • A chatbot can help you with the checkout process as the chatbot can remind you when your cart is full/filled.

“Personalization is a catalyst that transforms a prospect into a customer and a customer to a returning customer. Conversational chatbots designed appropriately makes a customer feel that he or she is conversing with a human being, not a robot.”

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