Having reviews displayed on your website can give a sense of security and piece of mind to your prospective customers, especially those that are not familiar with your business. It is an easy way to grow your business and expand your customer base. Research shows that we, as human beings, respond to any kind of social proof. It is a concept that states that our behavior is significantly influenced and adjusted by the opinions of other people. If a significant number of people praise a particular product, many others will want to see and try the same product.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ninety two percent of customers turn to reviews to make decisions making reviews one of the most powerful ways to boost your brand.
  • Third party services offer a Google Review widget which shows how people on Google have rated your website on your website itself.
  • You can also embed Yelp reviews on your website. If you don’t have many reviews then an easy trick is to simply ask customers. Many are more than willing to let you know how they feel.

“Displaying reviews on your website is, therefore, a great way to attract more customers and grow business.”

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