Chatbots are starting to be used by almost everyone. Players we didn’t think had a use case for them are integrating these into their customer service. Even Amtrak has a chatbot on their website. Chatbots have limitations like being able to take multiple questions while looking up information. One day this probably won’t be the case. You can choose to use a simple question and answer bot to get started and move your way into more intelligent systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • A chatbot won’t get intimated by a customer, so you can trust that the chatbot will stick to the plan and not have any emotions in the conversation.
  • A chatbot doesn’t need to be paid and they are available at all times which will help with regards to convenience and efficiency.
  • The biggest issue when it comes to a chatbot is that they can’t multitask and instead have to stick to one task at a time.

“From Amtrak to CapitalOne, it seems everyone is utilizing chatbots on their websites.”

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