Maintaining positive PR has become increasingly more important as consumers are more picky about who they decide to trust. There are lots of black hat techniques that get used to try to lure people in. People have become suspicious of any kind of scammy methods to draw people in. Many people turn away from businesses if they feel like the company is trying to use a pushy sales pitch. People don’t want to feel like just a wallet and we need to manage our reputation carefully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forbes data suggests that as many as 90% of prospective buyers make a point of reading online reviews before purchasing.
  • Almost two-thirds of these online reviewers note that a positive review makes them feel that the business they are considering purchasing from is trustworthy.
  • ORM companies, which aid in the reputation management of online companies, tend to focus on search engine results.

“The pandemic has changed the way we shop, with an increasing number of us spending a larger proportion of our earnings online.”

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