Advertising on websites is a great way to provide revenue to the company, however too much advertising can cause more harm than profit. This is reflected in the loading speeds of your webpage which can drive customers away. This also will cause the bots that crawl your webpage for SEO to move away as it takes longer for them to process all of the data on the page. There are also other considerations such as ads which play audio on the page which can also be a nuisance.

Key Takeaways:

  • We often don’t consider the impact our website’s ads on organic search visibility, but columnist Kristine Schachinger explains why to many ads can be a bad thing.
  • It would seem logical that the more ads a webmaster puts on the site, the more money the site owners will make.
  • However this is often not the case at least, not long term. More ads will make more money in short term.

“Lots of resource calls, slow page loads, excessive scripting, etc., can eventually lead to site devaluations as pages take too long to load and bounce rates increase as users exit out of an overladen ad experience.”


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