Social Media

social-mediaIt’s not just LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. There is a vast array of sites and web properties rightfully grouped under social media and most businesses completely over look them. Netwave Solutions can help you harness their power and rocket your site to fame and success

Video optimization and submissions is one such tactic. If you don’t have video to promote your business, we’ll help you create a video. If you do, we’ll optimize it and make sure it’s distributed far and wide and then leveraged into other formats for maximum exposure

How about blogging? You are blogging, right? We can assist in getting your blog set up and integrated with your website, where it should be, rather than on Blogspot or where it is doing little good. This will ensure maximum opportunity for traffic to your site. If you need a voice, we can do specialty blog postings on your behalf to properly attract qualified prospects and gain influence in your space at the same time getting more exposure for your business.

Learn more about Social Media Marketing from Matt Cutts with Google.