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Email Marketing

Netwave Solutions opt-in e-mail lists are available for targeting businesses and consumers per specific criteria.  An online interface provides a marketer with complete campaign statistics, right after the e-mails are sent.  Call us today for a customized campaign quote  844-638-9283.  In addition, we can send out HTML or text based emails to reach your target market at an affordable price.  Custom quote given upon request.

A mailing list database will be setup on your server.  This will allow your website visitors to sign up for your mailing list directly from your site automatically.  Then when you want to e-mail visitors you visit a given web address, enter your username and password,  type your message and send.  This will automatically send this e-mail to everyone in your mailing list!  Subscribers will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves instantly and easily right from your homepage.  We will import your existing names free with purchase but it must be submitted in the desired format.

Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services and Training

Signature Service Boost KeuProfits
Our custom designed campaigns with personal service geared to make your online presence rock Pre-Designed Packages that utilize our most successful web marketing tactics to do the job for you and within your budget Do-It-Yourself Web Marketing Training is for those that have the time themselves or staff that can learn how to do this stuff themselves and reap the rewards for a fraction of the cost