Website Audit

Have a website?  Is it bringing in all the traffic and prospects your business can handle?

Maybe your website is doing well and bringing in qualified prospects.  How do you know there are not issues with your site that is actually preventing you from reaching more customers each and every day?

Our Website Audit is designed to review your site, look for issues that may be preventing Google from ranking your site highly in their search engine, or worse yet, maybe not showing you at all to their hundreds of millions of searchers every day.

But there’s more to having an effective online presence than a super website.  We also look at your online presence, “off site”.  We’ll look at how you are showing up in directory listings and how these can be improved.  What about social media?  Are you using Facebook or any of the other major social media channels?  We’ll review your presence in these important traffic-generating sites and recommend improvements you and your staff can implement today.

We’ve been doing custom analysis for the online presence of our clients for years, but now our website audit can bring you all the same great benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Got questions?  Just give us a call today at 844-NETWAVE (844-638-9283) or contact us and someone will be back in touch within 1-2 business days.  If you’re ready to get started, visit our website audit page now.