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Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important factor in your SEO plan.  We find keywords that not only pull more traffic, but deliver more qualified traffic to your site.  In addition, we look for keyword themes and terms from general to the more specific to really increase your overall coverage.  Its those more specific terms, we call long tail keywords that we focus our efforts on.  These are also usually your key “buying phrases”.  That is, the keywords searchers are using when they have their wallets out, ready to buy!

We also take a look at the keywords your top competitors are optimizing for to try and steal a bit of their thunder.  Then we collaborate with you on this keyword list from our research.  We have found this is the best way to start so that you have knowledge of the specific keywords that should be targeted as part of your online marketing campaign.  We then give you recommendations and come up with a final list together to give you the best coverage and the highest number of converting keywords.  If you have done keyword research in the past or better yet, if you have done a PPC campaign and already know your best converting keywords, please communicate that with us up front.

Netwave will then put this into a complete list that we will use to build your search engine marketing plan to get your site ranking high and converting to its fullest potential.

Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services and Training

Signature Service Boost KeuProfits
Our custom designed campaigns with personal service geared to make your online presence rock Pre-Designed Packages that utilize our most successful web marketing tactics to do the job for you and within your budget Do-It-Yourself Web Marketing Training is for those that have the time themselves or staff that can learn how to do this stuff themselves and reap the rewards for a fraction of the cost