Email Marketing

Want Guaranteed Click Throughs on Your
Email Marketing Campaigns Leading to Better ROI?

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Looking for a way to expand your prospect list, grow your customer base and improve ROI on your advertising dollars?

Let Netwave Solutions combine the power of Email Marketing with digital marketing strategies to optimize your campaign to give you:

  • Higher guaranteed click-through rates
  • Increased traffic & conversion
  • Improved analytics
  • Maximize user engagement using digital media services
  • Quick turn-around times

Here’s how we’re different. For email marketing, we aggregate data through websites that we manage, including survey and sweepstakes sites, as well as licensed third-party data sources.

We match this data to licensed postal files to overlay further lifestyle demographic characteristics. We clean our email data internally as well as use a secondary partner for data hygiene to ensure a healthy and deliverable email address.

What does this mean for you?

Well, how does increased traffic sound? Higher conversion rates? More people getting your message and calling you or stopping by your business?

Available now – great results, reasonable rates!

What’s included:

Better Results

  • Higher guaranteed click-through
  • Additional traffic to your website
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved analytics

Marketing Layers

  • Foundation of email marketing
  • Sponsored Gmail email ads
  • Yahoo email promotional ads
  • Targeted text ads

Reach & Retarget

  • Hyper-target your audience
    where they are engaging most
  • Connect with an audience that
    has expressed brand interest
  • See improved ROI