Brand identity is a combination of what a company has to offer, and the values that the company holds. Brand identity is very important, but it can not be easily portrayed using a website that has been created with a template that every other company uses as well. Besides using an original website design, another way to help create brand identity online is to use unique images, rather than stock images. You should also make sure that your logo is prominently displayed.

Key Takeaways:

  • A brand identity is not only a public display of what a business is offering, but it also is a way to know what their underlying values are.
  • Showing the true identity of your brand is not easy when you’re using the same website outline as all of the other companies.
  • In order to show your brand’s identity, it is important to make sure you don’t use stock images.

“We always advice that if you really want to showcase your brand then you need a bespoke website design to ensure that you’re accurately representing all that you have to offer.”

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