Video has steadily grown so as to become a primary marketing vehicle. A good video on social media can make people stop and take a look.. An entertaining video can keep your brand top-of-mind. Beyond that, video can begin a relationship with the viewer, enabling you to gain their trust over time. Google loves videos, so a good video can boost your product or service to the top of their search rankings. Video is also effective on mobile devices. In fact, 90% of consumers watch videos on their phones. In order to make video work for you, don’t push hard on the “sell.” Instead, keep things engaging and social.

Key Takeaways:

  • With video, customers can get to know your brand and begin to trust it.
  • People spend more time on a site that has videos, which greatly helps with Google search rankings.
  • Mobile activity is increasing and an estimated 90% of people watch videos on their phones.

“A well thought out video can get you some serious calls about your services.”

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