Chatbots are probably in more places than you realize. Chatbots use the latest technology to mimic that way we write and speak to interact with human clients for a variety of purposes. At the moment chatbots are frequently used in customer services applications to increase efficiency of service as well as to create a better customer service experience. Each year the capacity of chatbots increase to create an experience that is more personalized and authentic to the human client. Chatbots are here to say and will play an increasingly important role in the consumer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chatbots account for most of the interaction over the internet.
  • Using a chatbot will automate many operations for your business for the customer
  • Efficiently working chatbots will increase customer satisfaction if their needs are met.

“Today, chatbots are much more common. For many organizations, the chatbot has become a crucial part of their customer service function to deliver an advanced customer experience. A report by Juniper research showed that chatbots will be involved in 85 per cent of all types of business related interaction.”

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