More than half of all people have never negotiated for pay. If you are a business that sees people as disposable work fodder than you probably won’t care for this advice. For me, I like to make my employees feel empowered by opening up the discussion so they can feel comfortable bartering with me. This way I know my employees feel like an important part of the organization and will stay around to do great work for years.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are five points one can use to in order to negotiate with people: set a date, make a question list, encourage research, model clarity, and don’t accept an initial no.
  • Dates and meeting itineraries help provide structure for negotiations and keep parties on the same expectations.
  • Communication is key in a negotiation both in ideas and numbers. Parties need to be clear about their needs and agree on the facts.

“According to a recent Oxford University study, happy workers are 13% more productive — and they’re more likely to stick around.”

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