Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel has over 2 million viewers. He recently spoke at a company’s Easier Life Mastery Summit and he offered these few tips when it came to getting more viewers to your YouTube Channel. It is a long game, it take a while to build an audience. Ten minute videos are the key and if you can’t make it to that mark without repeating yourself than do not have a video. Longer videos are key so YouTube can put an ad in the middle of it and allow you a commission. Interview other YouTube platforms on your channel and get some of their followers to then start following you. Repurpose the content, look for areas of a video that are most engaging to the audience, cut them and share them on Instagram and Facebook. Use YouTube as your hub and go on other social media sites such as Instagram and drive them to your YouTube channel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Read on for tips from a Youtube expert on how to get more engagement and money.
  • Don’t expect to succeed right away–it can takes years to build up your channel.
  • You should post longer videos, you can reuse your content on other platforms, and more.

“Look for people that are in your niche that already have a following on the monster video platform and joint venture with them. Interview them on your YouTube Channel.”

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/351564


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