Data Security should be a top priority for small businesses and there are a few different reasons why. First, nobody is safe from cyber crime, not individuals, small businesses or big businesses. Cyber crimes can drain a small business of a ton of money and put them in a terrible spot financially. Potentially unwanted programs are a big problem for small businesses and are usually bundled within software. They can be avoided though as long as you only download software from trusted sources. Finally, research has found that the average cost of a cyber attack is $200,000 and that obviously has a much greater effect on a small business compared to a big corporation.

Key Takeaways:

  • 67% of small businesses in 2018 experienced some form of cyber attack. This means every small business should be prepared.
  • The companies that claim they have the best cyber security tend to be the ones that are least prepared for attacks.
  • A lot of data breaches are happening from bundled software that gets installed when businesses think they are just getting one piece of software.

“If you are lucky enough to not be targeted one year, the odds are you will be targeted the next year.”

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