For all the complaining about zero-click searches, it’s important to understand that Google is simply satisfying user needs. From an informational standpoint, Google has made things quicker and simpler for its users. Content creators should thus focus on developing snippets for Google to present to the end user. Structuring your content as bullet lists, charts and short paragraphs is a good way to achieve this. Also, try to understand that zero-click searches were never going to lead to sales. They are informational, not transactional. TV and magazine ads are zero-click as well, but advertisers still use them. Think like a marketer, learn to play the game Google’s way, and you will reap rewards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Snippets are often misunderstood, but using them in search engines can actually make things more efficient for users.
  • Snippets can be improved for searches by adding such things as use for the title of the query and making lists of the information.
  • Understanding how to quantify snippets is essential to making the most out of their effectiveness.

“The more you can provide a seamless result for Google to provide to the end-user, with your brand attached to it, the earlier you can begin to create brand affinity.”

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