Holidays often mark a time in commercial industries in which business will be booming. Unfortunately, being ill prepared can result in a loss of profit that is exorbitant. Even Amazon isn’t excluded from this statistic, with their annual Prime Day resulting in many users being lead to error pages when they were trying to actively purchase promotional items. Testing the functionality and performance of your strategy beforehand is essential in ensuring that your commercial events run as smoothly as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although Halloween and Thanksgiving has spawned off a tradition of buying and spending by Americans, they are not the hallmarks of the holidays for retailers.
  • During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, it has been seen as a test of a retailing website’s resilience as consumer’s demands are unrelenting.
  • Retailers know that the Christmas and New Year season traffic will be much, so the words on their lips are if they are ready for it.

“As the season winds down, we’ve seen that no other period asks as much of retailers.”

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