In this article Kristopher Jones, who is an entrepreneur, investor, and author, breaks down the steps in which he believes that SEOs should be evolving to keep up with the current and ever-changing Google trends. Mr. Jones touches on different approaches varying from simply listening to what the people want, to optimizing the voice searches and personalizing the journey of each buyer. Mr. Jones seems to be very passionate that these steps are indeed to future of the SEO industry, and makes a very compelling argument in relaying such.

Key Takeaways:

  • User signals, metatags and rich snippets influence optimization and ranking. Also embracing linked keywords and topic clusters will improve the user experience and deliver fast speed and a more seamless foundation and structure.
  • Searching by voice and using chatbots rather than by text may be the best way to optimize in getting the data and information needed for questions.
  • Machine learning technologies and digital marketing firms will not eliminate human intelligence, rather they will aid in marketing campaigns and personsalize a client and customer’s user experience.

“Machine learning technologies can help augment marketing campaigns, but the creative and execution ultimately rely on the expertise of human intelligence. But we will probably reach a point soon enough that clients will actively seek out digital marketing firms that have expertise in customer journey mapping and AI-enabled applications.”