As a freelancer, it is easy to get lost in time and find that you’ve devoted far too much time and energy to irrelevant things. But, you can regain composure and get back to the way you want to work, enhancing profits and productivity. Use the 10 time management tips here to ensure there’s plenty of time in your day to do what needs to be done.

Key Takeaways:

  • For at home workers a set up that blocks or puts time-usage limits on certain alluring websites, like Facebook, can be a good method to avoid extra distraction.
  • Use a timer to really get a feel for how much work can be done, even in a small chunk of time, and how much every minute does matter.
  • Remember to set doable goals, reward yourself for getting to them, and also to engage the loving people in your life for extra support.

“If you are one of those who needs to hear words of encouragement from other people, ask your friends and family to control you with your work.”