10 Instagram Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Instagram is a useful social media tool for an individual if you are seeking the knowledge of the right people. Some notable people such as Tony Robbins uses Instagram to spread his messages to inspire people as well as provide insight into his personal life. The 10...

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Turning 40 — Is It Ever Too Late to Startup?

As Generation X approaches middle age, they begin to ask questions of themselves. Professionally, this often takes the form of where they want to work, and to what end. For at least some, these probing questions have led them to leave their large institutions, and...

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How to Work On a Flight With No Laptop

It's tough to get your laptop through commercial airlines nowadays, especially in the middle east. However, there may be some ways to get around. First, try to pick the best airline; second, get used to working on your smartphone. As for kids, just give them iPod to...

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How to stop worrying about Google updates

Google frequently updates their updates which can really frustrates SEO. However, maybe there is really no reason to be concerned. It used to be much easier to diagnose any issues after an update because now a unique name will be given for each update. But nowadays...

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Compare 9 paid search campaign management tools

There are many search campaign management tools. It can be overwhelming for beginners, however, a book named "Enterprise Paid Media Campaign Management platforms: A Marketer's Guide" may help you get started. It analyzes the market for paid searches, and gives you a...

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Who should optimize content: SEOs or content writers?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization overlaps with content writers. Columnist Stoney deGeyter discusses who should be the one that controls content optimization. SEO is more about getting top search engine rankings, but websites that are built upon...

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